11 Confessions of the Unemployed Night Owl

So, it’s been several weeks now since my last gig ended and I am actively searching for a full-time position as a copywriter. Now that I have so much “free” time on my hands, I notice that I don’t necessarily have to go to sleep as early as the working being does. These are my findings:

1. You learn a lot.

I read practically every article that comes up on my Facebook news feed. By the time I go to sleep, I’m cognizant of almost everything that has happened that day.

2. Midnight snacking doesn’t only happen at midnight.

To be honest, my eating schedule can go way off. Since I’m up at weird hours, midnight is closer to my dinner time, really. Which leads me to my next point.

3. What’s breakfast?

I haven’t been awake before 11AM in weeks, so I basically start my days with lunch. But it’s technically breakfast, right? Since it’s my first meal of the day?

4. Most of your job hunting may occur now.

Since I have the energy, I’m productive with my time.

5. Pinterest

I mean, come on. Pinterest  holds me hostage. I’ll look up and two hours have gone by, easily (exaggeration). The sad part is that no one is around to distract me and break the spell.

6. You consider making friends with the crickets outside of your window. They’re the only ones awake, anyway.

Am I wrong?

7. You forget what day it is.

“Today’s [enter day here], already?”

The week seems to fly by even though I’m not doing much. But no matter what, I’m always happy when Friday comes around. The best part is, I get to enjoy it for 6 hours more than you because as I never really went to sleep on Thursday.

8. Nothing much is on TV.

HGTV and the Food Network are my saviors. Bonus confession: I use this time to catch up with the Kardashians. Thanks, ‘E!’.

9. You begin to think about and question life [decisions].

How would things be different today if I chose a different option to that issue you had three years ago? Yea, when crazy thoughts like that start to come up, I know it has to be past 2 am.

10. Just because I’m awake at wee hours of the morning doesn’t mean I’m sleep deprived.

Adults need about 8 hours of sleep. Yea, I get it. And I’m getting it. Trust me.

Also, see #3.

11. Your creativity flows like a river once the clock strikes 1AM. Weird.

Refer back to #5. I’m sure these two are related somehow.

Which of these, if any, can you relate to? You don’t have to be unemployed to relate, that’s just for dramatic effect.


3 thoughts on “11 Confessions of the Unemployed Night Owl

  1. Interesting, I’ve never heard that. I think that creativity flows best when the noise/interruptions/life around us slows down. The night time is peaceful, yet mysterious. Oh no, it’s almost 11, I better go to bed.


  2. I love it. As a working person, I, not so secretly, envy your life right now. I am also more creative at night, usually starting at 11 pm. That may explain why my dreams are always exciting and weird. I am naturally a night owl.


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