Candy Crush: The Art of Perseverance

DISCLAIMER: This post may get a bit… pity party-ish. Know that it is at the end of my pity parties that I have “revelations”. No need to feel bad or feel anything, really. Just read and holla if you hear me.

This week’s weather has been the gloomiest of them all. I honestly cannot remember the last time I saw the sun. This is all thanks to Hurricane Joaquin, a category four, putting the East coast on edge and high alert.

Hurricane weather paired with unemployment, a bit of homesickness, major boredom, and being home alone is the worst.  My weekends are getting duller, the weather colder, the sun sets sooner, I mean, sheesh. All around blah-ness.

I’m starting to get a bit frustrated about why I haven’t been able to find employment, speculating about how much “easier” finding a job might be if I were home in NYC, and applying for jobs out of my field just because I’m borderline desperate to find something. Almost anything at this point. I’ve started doing at home Yoga, I’ve organized photo albums, I’ve tried every recipe on Pinterest that I have ingredients for, I’ve cleaned up, painted my nails and removed the polish all in one day, I’ve downloaded Duolingo to brush up on my Spanish speaking skills, and of course tons and tons of Candy Crush. Then it hit me.

What if I were as persistent in life as I am in Candy Crush? If you are a Candy Crush addict or ever was one, you know what I mean. Level after level I continue to use up lives with the hopes of advancing. I’ll play “quests” so that I won’t have to wait 72 hours between episodes and I even ask Candy Crush friends (never Facebook ones) to give me a life. All so I can spend two minutes on a board that, 9 times out of 10, I won’t pass in one try.

Now, playing candy crush may not be equally as frustrating as real life unemployment, but it’s pretty frustrating. I mean to the point of yelling out expletives and getting pretty close to breaking my poor Kindle. Recently I won a challenging that granted me 5 hours of unlimited lives. Can you imagine how I felt like I hit the candy crush jackpot? I didn’t spend 5 hours playing, I promise. (Only because it was too late at night to stay up 5 hours.) I did spend almost an hour trying to get past a level and of course, even with unlimited lives, I was unsuccessful.

The moral of the story: I need to divert my energy elsewhere. Even in the most random of places people can find inspiration and/or motivation. Despite my constant frustration and anger, I always seem to find the patience to give Candy Crush “just one more” try. I am learning to transfer that same mentality into the things that I struggle with in my real life and right now that means job-hunting.

Party’s over. It’s time to get to work.

Have any of you ever given more time than you should have to something pointless but have little patience towards something that matters? If so, what has it been? Let us continue the conversation below in the comments section. I’d love to hear your thoughts.


7 thoughts on “Candy Crush: The Art of Perseverance

  1. Way to reframe your Candy Crush addiction! lol If you like Candy Crush, you might like Battle Run. Download it and invite me to a race! lol But on a serious note, I devote too much energy to a lot of things that are not as meaningful as they should be. However, those meaningless things are my distractions and they do bring joy and a sense of accomplishment. While, they shouldn’t take all of our energy they can sometimes be a buffer between us and the real world. You don’t sound like a slacker to me. Searching for a job is a hard thing especially when you have standards and want to use your talents in a meaningful way.


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