No More Feeling Sluggish

Being home all the time sounds fun and relaxing but can get old very fast.  After being home for days on end, I start getting weird headaches, amongst other things, and I had a feeling it was because I was trapped indoors. My environment started to get stuffy as there are but so many things I could do inside. I decided that this would be a opportunity to switch up my daily “routine” for the better.

Here are few tips that I have to offer.

1. Do at least 10 minutes of working out or stretching.

Add a purposeful movement to your day. I pulled out my yoga mat and since I’m on Youtube all the time anyway, I subscribed to Cassey of Blogilates and Sarah of SarahFit. Beauty videos and Vlogs are cool for entertainment, but I used this time to move, move, move!

2. Step outside. Even if it’s to take out the trash or check the mail.

Sometimes I wouldn’t even know what the temperature outside felt like (for days) because I wouldn’t go out there. Stepping outside for even the slightest moment is such a picker-upper. When I’d get tired of being inside, I’d take out some trash and/or check the mail. Sometimes it was so nice out, I’d sit on the steps for a few minutes. However, once a bug joined me the party was over.

3. Drink water.

Staying hydrated is important. Duh, we’ve heard it a million times. I knew this but for some reason, I wasn’t drinking enough of anything when I was home all day. Since I wasn’t active and the temperature inside wasn’t hot enough to endure thirst, I wouldn’t drink water (or juice even) because I didn’t feel thirsty.

After a day or two of not drinking sufficient amounts of liquid, I started to feel nauseated and weak. Being that nausea is a symptom of dehydration, I took the initiative to pump myself up with water. I was sure to fill my 32 oz. mason jar with water and have it right on my night table so the moment I wake up in the morning, or if I got thirsty mid-slumber, I’d take a sip or two of water.

The best part: whatever was left over I’d be sure to finish first thing in the morning. This ensured that I was rehydrating my body post slumber and since the water was right on my night stand, I couldn’t let my laziness get the best of me.

4. Eat well.

Eating well goes along with #3. Snacking all day and not being active is a no-no. At least not with what I was snacking on.

Make a few adjustments to what is in the kitchen in order to aid better food choices.  Healthier snacks like edamame, Chocolate Chip Clif Bars, or fresh fruit are a much better alternative to the watermelon Sour Patch and cheese puffs I kept snacking on. Sometimes I’d whip up a smoothie in my Blendtec to satisfy my sweet tooth without feeling guilty.

5. Do some house chores.

Laying in bed until noon only to move to the couch and watch TV was a disservice to my body. I once spent a day doing chores and woke up the next morning sore. I was fully ashamed.

Doing chores doesn’t sound like a good time, but once you turn on your favorite tunes and get started, it’s not so bad. The best part is that you can break your chores up into different portions or by room and finish then in the course of the week. This will ensure you’re doing some kind of moving daily for at least 3 days.

What do you do to get moving when things get a little stagnant? Let’s continue the convo below. I’d love to hear your thoughts, really.


2 thoughts on “No More Feeling Sluggish

  1. This is very true, i have been getting back on my feet after a car accident and felt like i was going nuts the only thing holding me back was my body. i pretty much do all of these things everyday now but i had to work up to it. I would add talking to a family or a friend also helps when your feeling blah


    1. I remember being in a similar situation when I had foot surgery. It was so hard being forced to do nothing. But I agree, I think talking to someone definitely works as well.

      Thanks for your thought and stopping by, Elizabeth!


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