CurlMix: The DIY Box for Curly Hair

Calling all curly girls and guys!

I like to consider myself a crafty person, especially since I always wanted cool things but never really had the funds to buy them. Not to mention, it is more fun to make things yourself (also, major bragging rights).

Since transitioning from relaxed to natural a few years ago, I got to expand my DIY crafting to more than just crafts. I would be up all night searching for hair smoothie recipes, deep conditioning concoctions, remedies for retaining moisture; you name it, I was searching it and trying it. I was guilty of becoming the typical product junkie many transitioners become, but my hair was always moisturized and soft. Since big chopping, I have found what works for my hair, what keeps it moisturized and what both fits my budget and yields great results. Shea butter and coconut oil are the holy grail moisturizers in my hair routine.

With that being said, I’m still always on YouTube looking for the new hotness or anything that I can add to my routine to better and maintain the health of my hair as my ultimate goal is to have bra-strap length (BSL) hair when stretched. One day what I was looking for was right in my subscription feed. Fran from, the DIY Queen, uploaded a video collaborating with an awesome new product called CurlMix.

CurlMix is a subscription box for curly girls (and guys). The CurlMix box comes with everything you need to mix up the perfect product for your curly hair, on your own. How perfect is that? The subscription is only $29.99 a month and inside you get all the ingredients and tools you need to mix up the perfect concoction for your kinks and curls. What I find most fun, aside from the fact that you’re making your own mix, is that you get the tools that you need. I used to hate mixing oils and butters with spoons that I would use on a regular basis. The bowl, sink, and kitchen counter would get so slick. With CurlMix, you get the tools you need to make your mix, so you don’t have to worry about ruining your kitchen tools that you would use on a regular. 

Here’s the video that Fran created, showing you exactly how CurlMix works:

I would definitely encourage you all to check out the site and the FAQ page to learn more about the product. Also, big congrats to owner Tim and Kim for persevering and making CurlMix happen. I love the story behind her success and I wish her the best of luck! We all know I know a little something about perseverance.

I absolutely love the idea of CurlMix and as soon as I can get my hands on a box, I will definitely be sure to keep you guys posted. Where are all my kinky and curly ladies and men? What do you guys love to use in your hair to keep if flourishing? Let’s continue the conversation in the comments section. I’d love to hear your thoughts.


2 thoughts on “CurlMix: The DIY Box for Curly Hair

  1. I had no idea this even existed! I will definitely be checking them out. Since I’ve moved to the cold unforgiving mid-west I’ve been having to dc twice a week just to keep my hair moisturized, I’ve also been using hair butters and heavier oils seal in the moisture. its been workings far- fingers crossed , I just have a few more months to get through before its not so brutally cold so wish me luck!


    1. To try and protect your hair from the hardsh weather, I would try protective styles that keep your ends away from the cold, hats, scarves and wigs! And keep up the moisturizing and deep conditioning. you got this!


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