Winter Natural Hair Care

I’ve been completely natural for almost three years now, which means it’s been three years that I’ve actually payed attention to and cared for my hair. I am still learning so much about the process and up until recently, I used to use the same routine all year-round. Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing that. I repeat: there is nothing wrong with using your tried and true natural hair routine all year-round. For the years that I’ve been natural, it worked for me. My hair grew, it was moisturized, trimmed occasionally — everything was well.

But… now that summer is over, I am hardcore going back to my holy grail: shea butter. My hair is kinky and I mean kinky. Tightly coiled, shrinks like no other, very, very, thick, but above all, beautiful (proud natural over here).  During the winter time, I take pride in ensuring my hair is very well moisturized because 95% of the year I wear my hair in a twist out.

Ever since being introduced to this brand of premium shea butter, I have LOVED her products; they’re homemade, handmade, offer customized scents, affordable, made with love, and her customer service is amazing! If you haven’t guessed already, I’m talking about Belle Butters!

Tasha, the owner, is amazing and so are her products. I have been using her Premium Whipped Shea Butter for over two years now and there is no going back. I use it as a styler and it leaves my hair soft, moisturized, and overall healthy feeling and looking. I’ve tried using other cream stylers prior to discovering Belle Butters and they just didn’t cut it. I can be a little lazy with my hair and other stylers required me to re-moisturize in the middle of the week. With the Premium Whipped Shea Butter, if I so happen to get lazy, no problem. My hair stays nice and moisturized all week long. No lie.

In addition to being able to use this product in my hair, I also use it on my skin during the summer for a nice goddess-like glow and during the winter to keep dry cracked skin away. I’ve even converted my Dad over to using it and he’s on his second jar!

Belle Butters also makes jellies, creams, oil blends, and facial/body scrubs. I would definitely recommend you check her out. She is participating in Small Business Saturday so now would be a great time to try it out. Be sure to subscribe to her mailing list by clicking here and you’ll be in on any pop up sales and promo codes. Those always seem to come around just in time for me. Not to mention, these make great holiday gifts for those as enthusiastic about homemade, good quality, natural products as I am.

*** Belle Butters is participating in Small Business Saturday and will be offering 20% off of your entire order for one day only. Use code BBSBS15, which will expire on 11/28 at 11:59 PM CST.***

What are some hair and skin care products that you’d consider your holy grails? I’d love to hear your thoughts so lets continue the conversation below in the comments section.


2 thoughts on “Winter Natural Hair Care

  1. I have just purchased Belle Butters Premium Whipped Shea Butter as a pre cursor to cutting my locs off and starting to get my new hair arsenal up. I have heard wonderful things about this brand and hope that it does as well for me as it has done for you.


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