5 Things I’ve Learned Since Moving Out

Being home for the holidays, I came to a sudden realization. I’m an adult living away from home. Legitimately. Wow, I thought. It felt like I was looking at myself from someone else’s point of view. On the ride back from home, I began thinking about how much my visits have changed since moving out. I used to come home and want to do everything, see everyone, and eat all the foods I missed while I was away. Now, I just want to be cooped in with my friends and family.

Needless to say, things have changed. Here are 5 things that I’ve become aware of since moving away from home. 

You learn to appreciate your family, friends and the time that you spend with them.

Being home all the time got me so used to being around my family that I never really thought about what it would be like to be away from them. Since leaving them, I come home to visit and may never leave the house all weekend. I just want to be wrapped in their aura for as long as possible. With working a full time job, now, it makes seeing them more scarce because there’s but so much PTO and sick days I can take.

You [have to] learn how to make friends.

I come from a big family. Big. Nine people living under one roof, big. I have a couple of close friends, but I never needed more than that because I had my family. Since moving away, I have found myself so lonely sometimes. All of my family and friends are back home and I was in a whole new state, all by myself. I’ve had to learn to make friends, especially because I’m not a very open person (to strangers).

Having to make new friends has also taught me to be less judgmental, to be honest. I’ve opened up and have learned some very cool things from different people. These days, I’m more okay with meeting new people especially because I can learn so much from them. If not, then at least I gave it an honest attempt.

You’ll get homesick and that’s okay.

I used to get homesick almost immediately after separating from my family. I’m talking tears and days of sadness. I didn’t know how/want to be without them. What made it worse for me was that I have nibling (nieces and nephews) that I’m missing out on. They’re growing up without me and I hate that feeling. Luckily, with FaceTime, Google Hangouts, and even picture messages I can kinda-sorta be in the loop. When I finally get to see them, it doesn’t feel like it’s been that long. However, what I always miss are birthdays and birthday parties. But hey, we can’t have it all.

Groceries are freaking EXPENSIVE!

Now, I knew this before moving out, but I never had to pay for groceries because that was the responsibility of the adults. Now that I’m the “adult”, I have to buy my own food. Laundry, cleaning, and dishes don’t phase me much. Those are things I was doing on my own before I moved out. Sure, they suck but I promise you groceries suck more. I don’t mind doing the actual shopping, it’s the paying that makes me cringe. I always think I won’t spend that much on groceries, then I get to the register and the bill is at least $70. It gets me everytime. I hate it.

It’s actually kinda fun.

Being an adult sucks sometimes, but I could never imagine being back under the care of my parents. I love them dearly and they’ve done an amazing job raising me, but since leaving, I have learned a lot about myself, life, how much I can handle (or what I can’t). My parents and family have pretty much done everything for me, I realized. I wouldn’t want them to have to go back to that. Sure groceries are expensive, but I can eat them how and when I’d like. There’s always a bright side no matter how small. The best part to me is that I know if anything were to ever happen, I have my family to fall back on. That makes things a little less scary sometimes. You gotta just enjoy it. Since moving out I was always stuck on how much I thought it sucked to be away form home, but now, I have to admit that I am on the brink of getting the hang of this and enjoying the experience.

Have any of you guys recently moved out? What are some of the things that you’ve learned off the back? Leave your comments below and we can continue the conversation. I’d love to hear about other experiences, especially from those who are already acclimated.


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