Easy, 3-Step Skincare Routine

Since transitioning into becoming a grown up (bleh, lol), I decided to practice by doing things that adults do. No, not that. I’m talking about incorporating a skincare routine into my daily get-ready.

My face is oily. Was oily? Look, oil would build up on my face, a lot, throughout the day. It was annoying to me but only when I took pictures, which wasn’t often, so I didn’t really care much. I used to wash my face with whatever it was I washed my body with and the same goes for moisturizing. I would just drink my fair share of water and keep it pushing.

I don’t remember what it was the pushed me to find a skincare routine for my face, but something did. It was probably the countless beauty videos I watch on YouTube. I’m sure that’s what it was because that’s how I stumbled upon the routine that I use currently. It was Fran from HeyFranHey.com that uploaded this video. I watched it but it wasn’t until almost a year later that I decided to give it a try.


Here’s how. I use a little less than a dime size of pure almond oil* and rub it into my face in circular motions, just as you would a foaming cleanser, for about a minute. If I have on mascara or any makeup, I would add a teeny bit more and concentrate on those areas. The almond oil doubles great as an all natural and moisturizing makeup remover; win! After rubbing it in and removing makeup, if applicable, I rinse with warm water, pat dry, then tone with Thayer’s Original Witch Hazel. Once the toner dries, I use the same almond oil to moisturize, and boom. All done.

Oil cleansing has been an easy 3-step process that works for me, especially because I am lazy. I don’t want to spend twenty minutes on my face alone, at least not yet. The best part? In the morning, I rinse my face with warm water and I’m done. The oil keeps my skin moisturized overnight so I don’t have to reapply any oil. As the weather gets colder, I mad dab a drop or two onto my face but I take that on a day-by-day basis.

Since trying the oil cleansing method, I find that my skin looks glow-y and moisturized without looking and feeling super oily. I started this method over the summer so I’ve been true to it for about five months. Even on the hottest summer days, my face didn’t get that oily, grease ball glow in my T zone and around my nose. I was and am pretty impressed. Now, this method does not work to reduce acne scars! I want to make that clear because the next step in my face routine is incorporating something that does. I like what the oil cleansing method does for my skin, but if I can remove dark spots and scars from previous breakout, I would be golden!

What do you guys use in your face routines? Has anyone tried the oil cleansing method? Any recommendations on fading acne scars? I’d love to hear your thoughts so leave them in the comment section below.

*WARNING: Choose an oil that is not comedogenic, meaning it hopefully will not cause any acne (because that would be counterproductive). Click here to view the list of oils that are comedogenic. I encourage doing your own research, as well. Just because an oil is on the list, doesn’t mean it will cause your skin acne. You and your face are special and unique. 


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