Facebook Time Machine

I’m sure all of you are aware of the awesome little feature on Facebook. You know, the one that time-machines you back to one, two, or five years ago. I’m sure the intentions were good when the Facebook experts sat around and came up with that idea and that’s fine. Many people share their status from the past, which can range from comical to sentimental. Here’s what I notice about myself when using Facebook’s little time machine feature.I don’t typically share my Facebook statuses from the past. Not for any reason in particular, but mostly because I only read them for my own entertainment. Well, I also don’t share a lot of present statuses so, go figure.

Once, I tasked myself with reading my post from years ago just because and I ended up finding a stream of status updates (all from the same year) that applied exactly to my current life. It was a little weird, but then brought me to the realization that I haven’t moved forward from certain situations like I thought I had; I just moved passed them. I’m not surprised at that, honestly, because I usually just let things slide by until they no longer need to be addressed. That’s horrible, yes, but it was something that I didn’t really notice about myself until Facebook’s new feature.

I remember sharing each of these posts with the comment, “still relevant” or “I swear my life is going in circles.” One of my good-goods mentioned that if I didn’t address those things when they happened, I wouldn’t even move past them. They would just keep coming back around periodically. Ugh, right? Well, I made a (used to be) secret agreement with myself that I need to close situations. Like, not crack the door and move on; close. The issues aren’t huge or detrimental, but before I get to that point, I need to learn to handle them in the present.

The second thing I noticed while this new feature has been out is that I  rarely share posts. I mentioned this earlier but, even if not on Facebook, I need to do a better job at documenting my life. There are sometimes days on end where I have no memory from none of the 7ish years that I’ve been on Facebook. Tsk.

Either way, I think when used correctly, the Facebook “On This Day” feature can do some good. I use it as a checkpoint to see how much I’ve grown (or not) over the years.

Any of you ever read a status from the past and have a crazy reaction to something you’ve said? Dare to share one of your post from this day exactly? I will if you will! (If I even have any.) Let’s continue the conversation in the comments below and if you liked the article, share it… On Facebook! Haha.



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