Who’s in Your Corner?

I read something somewhere on the internet that said, be the type of person you needed growing up. So simple, relevant and 100% accurate. I strive to be the person I wanted/needed when I was growing up for as many as I can, especially my younger brother and niblings (nieces + nephews).

Since becoming an active adult, I learn that the decisions I make have very real consequences and when I ask for advice it’s because I really need it. This could also be because the decisions I make are few but very big ones. Moreover, as I grow I realize how my “need” for support has changed.

Support comes in all shapes, sizes, and ways of expression. Some people pray for others as a form of support but no one can see that. While some will show up to every game, rehearsal, event, send cards and flowers as a way of showing support. The two are equal.

What sparked this post was my scrolling through social media and noticing that an old classmate of mine from elementary has wrapped up another semester of college. Wow, I thought. We’re the same age, have been to the same school together until we were 14 years old and while our paths took two different courses, he continued to push through and decide to leave his home state and go to college. I am proud of him, genuinely.

On the internet, these days, between all the different social media networks there are, leaving comments like, “I support that” or “goals” and “best of luck to you in you endeavors” can sometimes seem phony and robotic. I am not saying that every single one of them are.

When I commented on my old classmate’s status, I did so because I am proud of him and I, personally, appreciate getting support from those who I don’t expect it from. I have been seeing his status updates over and over again documenting his college experience. Having gone through very similar situations, I was always excited to see that one status that said something like, “I made it through” or “glad that’s over”. It makes me proud to see him persevere.

For example, since starting my blog, I have gotten support from strangers and those I am familiar with, alike. I appreciate them all, especially the ones that are unexpected. There was a point where I expected certain people to support me and when I felt that I wasn’t getting it, I would feel some kind of way. I think instead of stating to someone, “I support you”, one should ask, “how can I support you?” As I mentioned earlier, I realized my “need” for support has changed. That is still true, but I also realized that I appreciate the “how can I support” over “I support”. There is one thing to remember. Well, two:

1. The things you are passionate about and decide to explore are your priority.

2. You can do this without anyone’s support because, well, see #1.

With that said, thank you for reading! I would also like to give a shoutout to all of my supporters. Especially for my top three. You should know who you are. :).

Where would you be without all the support that you’ve ever gotten?  Let me know your thoughts as we continue the conversation in the comment section.


5 thoughts on “Who’s in Your Corner?

  1. I don’t know where I would be without all of the support that I have gotten from coworkers, employers, friends, fellow students, professors, family, and even a few friendly strangers. They have all supported me in different ways, some by encouraging me to further my education and some by simply respecting the fact that I don’t have as much time to spend with them as they would like. But it has all helped in one way or another.


  2. This is such a good topic. I love that you stated that it is important to ask “how can I support” instead of just saying you “I support”. We often “support” people in ways that we think are helpful when in fact we are not being helpful or we are just saying what sounds good. We also tend to support people in the ways we wish to be supported, however, each person’s needs are different.


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