New Year Resolutions (NYR): Check-In #1

It isn’t too early to do a check-in on my progress with my New Year resolutions, is it?

So. If you aren’t aware of what my resolutions are, you can find them here. Even if you did read that post, go back and refresh your memory. I know I’ve had to look back at my list at least twice already and we are only in month two of twelve.

If I do say so myself, I feel like I’m doing a pretty good job. I’ve been successful at two of the items on my list of resolutions. Here they are:

Kick my healthy habits up a notch… or five.

Yea. For sure. I’ve put on a few pounds in the past couple of months. Before things get out of hand, I need to get back to being on my grind.

I have since joined a gym with a semi-personal trainer. Yea, I know, “everyone joins the gym at the top of the year.” Blah. Keep it to yourself. Getting in shape (curvy, strong, sexy, not-out-of-breath-walking-up-a-flight-or-four-of-steps, shape) has always been an aspiration of mine. I follow athletes like Massy Arias and Lita Lewis on social media with dreams of having half the body they do. Shoot, even a quarter of the body they do. I decided that this year was going to be the year that I put in an honest effort to getting in the shape that I’ve always wanted to be in. I was tired of talking about it and ready to be about it.

So far, it’s been going well. I am sore 100% of the time but no pain, no gain, right? I actually enjoy pushing myself and I like the idea of changing things up around here. My daily routine was pretty boring, so adding four trips to the gym every week is a nice switch up.

My biggest challenge so far actually has nothing to do with actually working out and everything to do with my hair. Ahhh! Yes. My hair. The first week I was so annoyed with rocking a twist out to work just for it to look like crap by the end of my workout. I had gone grocery and sports bra shopping to prepare for my healthy lifestyle switch-up and completely forgot about what I would do with this fro of mine. (I ultimately decided on mini-twist.)

Publish a post 2-3 times a week.

I started this blog about five months ago, I’m started to get into the groove of it and want to up the ante a bit. I think you all would enjoy that, too, right?

I promised myself that in the month of January (for obvious reasons), I would up the amount of post that went up on the blog. I did that! Now, I hope to continue it until I can add one more post into the routine. So far, if you haven’t noticed, a post goes up every Tuesday and Thursday at 9AM EST. Hopefully within the next couple of months, I can add a Saturday upload.

It hasn’t been too-too difficult to do so, but it is challenging me to make sure I’m doing what I have to during the week to ensure that a post is up. I have so many visions for this blog and I’m looking forward to what it can become and of course gaining loyal reader and building relationships with you guys.

Okay. Enough day dreaming. Stay tuned for more check-ins. I will aim to do one every month or so to keep myself on track and you guys posted.

How is everyone making progress with their New Year resolutions. Are you confident that you can keep them up? What are some styles that you guys rock to the gym? Lets continue the conversation in the comments section below!



3 thoughts on “New Year Resolutions (NYR): Check-In #1

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  2. It’s great to hear you’re following through on what you planned to accomplish. When you find that you have accomplished these goals set forth, you should add three more.


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