Healthy is Hard Work

It’s frustrating to me that I’ve been wanting to make a healthy improvement in my diet and every time, I feel like I’ve failed. What the f*#k!?During the work week, I like to pack my lunch bag with things that are better than the candy in the “candy drawer” at work. After only a few weeks since starting, I noticed that the candy drawer was the ultimate set-up. I’d buy things like kiwis, grapes, strawberries, tangerines, pears, and bananas in an effort to replace the sweet candy with healthier, equally as sweet options. I had eventually weened myself off of the candy drawer to the point where, now, I don’t even crave it anymore. I no longer feel tempted to even look and see what’s in there. Then one day, it hit me and I was totally unprepared…

I wanted a salty snack. I don’t know anything about salty snacks! I know that fresh fruit is always a good idea to substitutes sweet cravings, but what about salty? I had decided that during my next round of grocery shopping, I would have to add some salty snacks into my list. Preferably those that I can keep at work. I decided to go to Trader Joe’s and scan the isles for something. I found snap peas. Win, right? WRONG! This is where the frustration all began.

The morning after, I put some in my ziplock bag to take to work and all was well. I have no idea why I decided to Google about snap peas, but I did. Come to find out, they aren’t as healthy as people make them seem. One article even compared them to Lay’s plain potato chips and there was very little difference between the two. I felt betrayed. Yes, that’s dramatic and yes, that’s my fault for not paying attention to the label (which every nutritionist will tell you to do, I’m sure), but I was very saddened to find out that, in an attempt to eat healthier, I was failing (also dramatic, I know).

What makes me more frustrated are the motives of the food industry. We hear all the time that they market you to “eat this, instead” or even, like in my case, mask the bad stuff to look good. Why am I being fooled? Seriously. This is something people have been speaking up about for year, I totally get it, but like many things in life, no one cares unless they are personally affected. It’s happening to me. I just wish everyone were more educated on the things that are printed on the labels of foods. Sure, “don’t eat it if you can’t pronounce it” is a good rule of thumb, but I can’t pronounce the scientific name for vitamin B, either, so should I not eat that? It’s all just so confusing. And frustrating.

If you have any suggestions for a legitimately healthy salty/savory snack, please drop it in the comments section below. I’d love to continue the conversation and find out how you guys feel and even learn a thing or two. This is my not-so-loud cry for help.


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