You Can’t Handle the Truth

Can you handle the truth? I mean, really handle the truth?

Several years ago (a year or so after I graduated high school, actually) I had a growth spurt, I like to call it. I wasn’t a “child” anymore, I didn’t necessarily claim adulthood (I still don’t), but I had just gotten out of my first attempt at a relationship and had learned a bit about myself. It was almost as if I became bolder. I went through my boowhoo phase, which lasted all of, say, two weeks and just like that I was back with a vengeance. Just kidding, it was the bad. I did have the opportunity to learn from the situation and I really believe it helped me gain a different perspective on things. In a way, I became selfish.

I learned that I do not like wasting my time. If I ever felt like something was a waste of my time, I would immediately try to remove myself from it.

I learned that I do not have patience for adults or non-children who should know better but acted as if they did not.

I learned that lying will get you no where. I repeat: I learned that lying will get you nowhere. Since then, I became the most honest me that I have ever been. I carried with me an, “everyone should be told the truth because lying snowballs into a bunch of mess” mindset around with me. Interestingly enough, this resulted in me getting quieter. I decided that because I vowed to always be honest, I could not offer unsolicited advice because people were not ready to handle the truth.

I find that people claim they want the truth. No one wants to be lied to but the saying, “you can’t handle the truth” is one of the most accurate statements ever. I get it now. People are offended by the truth, hurt by it, and I can totally understand why. Sometimes you don’t want to know the truth because you’ll be obligated to change whatever it is they you’ve been living a lie about and ignorance is bliss. It’s easier to pretend or ignore problems because if you do, you don’t have to address them. Hearing the truth isn’t easy. I believe it takes a brave person to both deliver and receive the truth. Even I have been hurt by it. It stings a little and maybe I’m different, but once the initial sting is over I feel renewed, enlightened even. I feel as though knowing the truth gives me the power to change or remain where I am.

So, before I go, here is my one piece of advice. I believe to avoid being too hurt by the truth is to be honest with yourself. I strongly believe that if you are living an honest life, no one can blindside you by throwing a truth at you that you weren’t ready for.

How honest are you with yourself? How about with other people? Lets continue the conversation below. I’d love to hear what you guys think.


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