If You Want It, Go and Get It

Of course, I’m subscribed to Cassie’s YouTube channel because I am obsessed with YouTube. She recently posted this video and I love that she poses questions for her viewers to answer. I wanted to take the challenge on and share it with you. Watch the video and answer the questions and when you’re done, you can scroll down and read my answers.

1. What was your childhood dream career? 

As a kid, I wanted to be everything; a lawyer, teacher, professional ballet dancer and an author to name a few. As I got old enough to kind of understand what a career really was, I chose “creative writer”. That was the one thing I had developed a pretty good skill in and always imagined myself cooped up in a quaint office writing away at my latest book. It’s something I still imagine myself doing now.

In my later teen years I developed an interest in interior design. I even tried to pursue it, but didn’t make it into the School of Arts at my alma mater. I like all things creative.

2. When do you lose track of time?

Watching YouTube. When I have nothing to do, I watch YouTube. When I have things to do, I procrastinate by watching YouTube. I can watch video after video, vlog after vlog without realizing how much time has gone by. I admire the skillful editing, the awesome quality and the content of the videos. I get swooned in by their personalities and before I know it, they become my imaginary friends. I might actually have a problem. :|.

3. What would you never do again no matter how much $ you’d get paid?

I haven’t had much experience in the professional world so it’s a bit difficult to say. I did assist my old dance teacher as she taught toddlers tap and ballet once and I don’t think I would ever do that again. While I do love dance, I do not love a room full of whiny toddlers. Also, anything that I feel like is a waste of time I’d hate to do.

4. Name 3 people who are doing what you want to do.

Mattie James of Mattieologie.com because she is (what I consider) a successful blogger and entrepreneur. Most specifically, she works for herself. #Goals.

Beyoncé. Because, Beyoncé… and because she gets to travel the world, sing, dance, entertain, go to fancy fun parties and ultimately does what she wants. Who doesn’t want to be able to do all of those things?

Lastly, hmmm. This one was tough. Aha! Tough. Speaking of tough, I would choose Lita Lewis. *Moment of silence*. Lita is amazing! She’s beautiful, #thickfit, strong, confident, lives in Brooklyn N.Y., works out for a living, is always challenging her limits, does what she wants. Did I mention she is gorgeous and fit? #GOALSx3000.

Basically, the trend here is that I want to always be able to do what I want. Always.

5. What’s your message to the world?

I’ve struggled I struggle a bit with self confidence. I am always doubting myself and I don’t know how not to or how to ignore the mean voice telling me, “you can’t do that”. I find that I can advocate for others and push them to do better but when it comes to my own goals and self motivation, I suck. I am also always striving to learn more and grow to be the best person I can me. So, my message to the world:

Be your own advocate. Don’t let yourself or others tell you that you cannot do something. If you want to, go for it. Read, learn, grow. Continue to work on yourself, always and when you’ve got it down, help someone else. 

Cassie’s video was pretty helpful in forcing me to answer these questions and I think you should too. I’m not sure yet how this will help me find my passion or dream career but I’m sure this was a great first step.

If you’d like to share an answer to one of these questions, I’d love to read it! Leave it in the comment section and don’t forget to like and share. Someone might need this as much as I did.


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