My Internet Addiction

Get you mind out the gutter! It’s not what you think. If you couldn’t tell from previous posts, I am kiiinda addicted to…YouTube. Yup. And instead of hiding it, I’m here to share it! Haha.

I started watching YouTube when I was a sophomore in high school all because I was tryna be cute (like we all wanted to be in high school) and steal outfit ideas off the internet. It was also a time when I was kinda transitioning into my girlies ways from my previous tomboy years. I was really trying. I stumbled upon the very successful DulceCandy and started watched all of her fashion videos, while trying to piece together items in my closet to closely match what she was wearing. It did encourage me to go out and buy a few pieces every now and again, but I’d say it worked… at the time (I look back at some of my pictures and am ashamed).

It all snowballed from there.

The older I got and the more I wanted my style to change, the more I would look around and find more channels to subscribe to and on and on. Today, I can literally look at my list of subscriptions and tell you at what point in “added” this person into my life. It sounds weird, but it’s the honest truth. When I wanted to get into makeup, BOOM! I found ItsJudyTime. When I decided I wanted to transition from relaxed to natural, BOOM! In came Naptural85. When I just wanted to feel like I was chatting with my homegirl, BOOM! I subscribed to Patricia Bright‘s channel. When I moved away from home and needed to learn how to cook more than rice and spaghetti, BOOM! CookWithApril came in to save the day. YouTube has literally been there with me from the beginning.

Recently, I’ve been on the search for new content creators and decided that I should give a shoutout to those that I absolutely love. My love for their channels go beyond content, it’s personality, a feeling of trust (in their reviews and opinions) and my ability to relate to them in, well, anything. Here they are:

Shameless Maya, the #DoYouBoo Queen! I LOVE MAYA! She is such and inspiration to me and if there is anyone on YouTube I would want to “be” like it would be Maya. She’s amazing. She’s hardworking, she’s a hustler, she’s talented, experienced; Everything. I can go on and on but I would definitely suggest you check her out. She’s a wonderful artist.

Shirley B. Eniang is at the top of the list when it comes to my YouTube favorites. She is gorgeous, she’s smart (a mathematician), and I want everything in her wardrobe, life forreal. Her fashion is right up my ally in a sense that the colors are very neutral and classic; everything I want in my closet. Haha. I always look forward to an upload from Shirley. I wish she did so more often.

Next on the list is Nicole Guerriero. Nicole is hilarious! I love her personality and her makeup tutorials. She’s one of those YouTubers that I can watch all day and feel like I’ve just been hanging out with my homegirl.

I can’t remember how I stumbled upon Naptural85‘s channel but I am so glad I did. I’m sure it was around the time I was transitioning to natural hair. Whitney is the bomb, hands down. Her tutorials, how-tos, Fatty McSunday recipes, everything is the bomb. She is very down to earth, kind, and a health enthusiast, which I respect. I do also subscribe to her “almost daily vlogging”.

One of the first influencers that I consistently started watching is ItsJudyTime. It all started with a berry glam look with a side braid that she was doing for the holidays. Gorgeous look and I’ve been watching since. I now subscribe to her daily blog channel and have been for ever.

AprilAthena7 is the nicest person I don’t even know. Everything about her is sweet. She is also very real and I love that about her. She’s so positive and inspiring, honestly. I love the fact that she’s so open and not so “serious” all the time. I’d love to meet April in real life.

And before we go, I have to mention Patricia Bright originally the BritPopPrincess when I started watching her. My how she’s grown. Lol. I sound like someone’s mom. But on the real Patricia is one of my favorite all around. She’s real, she’s honest, she’s like my good-good in my head. I love watching her videos because they are great quality and very relatable. She does more than just beauty and fashion and makes videos on real life topics that not may others discuss. Patricia is a friend in my head and will be forever.

I know it’s a bit weird to be so obsessed with people I’ve never “met” but hey, it’s what I like to do in my spare time. Believe it or not, I’ve learned so much from my YouTube friends. Who are some of your favorite YouTubers, if any?




2 thoughts on “My Internet Addiction

  1. I, too, am addicted to the internet; it is an evil entity. The internet and I have a love/hate relationship. However, I’m not really into YouTube. I love Facebook, but I hate how I lose an entire hour reading things that are not important. Anyway, there is only one YouTuber that I absolutely love and that is Alonzo Lerone ( He reads the dumbest Facebook and Twitter fails and he is absolutely hilarious. He is the only YouTuber that I subscribe to and watch each week. He’s also totally adorable.


    1. I’ve seen those videos! They are hilarious but also so sad to know that people are really that… not intelligent. haha. you should check out more YouTubers, especially the ones I listed.

      Thanks for reading.


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