My March Favorites

Man, it’s already April! I’m sure that’s what we are all thinking and I can’t even blame you. The year is literally flying by and what makes it worse is the mild winter we had. You’re probably thinking, “what does a mild winter have to do with anything”, right? Well, I legit feel like the change of season was so subtle that we never really got out of one and went into another. All winter long there were 60+ degree Fahrenheit weather days, which made it feel like fall was still lingering and spring was around the corner. There was no miserably cold weather to make us wish the months would go faster because it’s been overarchingly warm since last April.

Nevertheless, March is ending and April is here and, while there aren’t many, I’d like to share a few things that have been getting me through the month.

Cold water rinsing. Since I go to the gym about 3-4 times a week on average, I have to wash my hair on a weekly basis. There’s no getting around that especially because I swear profusely on my head. (In my head? You get it.)

After every shampoo wash or conditioner wash (I alternate weekly), I do one last pour over of cold, cold water on the shaft of my hair. Pro tip: I always use a cup because I do not want freezing cold water running down my back. I bend forward, pour the water and it runs straight into the shower drain without ever touching my body. I’ve always heard about this technique but was never inclined to try it for the simple fact that “cold” and “shower” did not sit well with me. Showers are supposed to be toasty and warm. Since doing these rinses, I’ve noticed a lot more shine and curl definition on my hair. My twist outs are poppin’ and shiny and fluffy; I love it. It took me about two or three washes to start noticing anything but when I did, I was glad. I will definitely continue doing this.

The Gym. Now, this might sound like a weird thing to put into a month favorites, but I have been obsessed. If you follow the blog, you’ll know I started going in January as a challenge, which has ended, but I ended up joining the gym because I love it so much. Yes, working out is hard and yea, so is making sure you’re feeding your body the appropriate nutrition is challenging, but I like the way my body is changing and I’m excited to see how far I can go.

My gym is a boutique gym, which means it’s one of a kind and pretty small (in the number of members) so everyone practically knows everyone. The trainers know you on a first name and ability basis so I always feel like I’m getting the best workout every time.

Eyebrow gel. Yup! I stopped by an Ulta Beauty and picked up the Ulta brand clear brow gel for my unruly brow hairs. Going to the eyebrow threader is no longer “convenient” to me in terms of location so I tend to go longer in between visits. Luckily for me, my eyebrows can maintain their shape for at least 6 weeks but the actual hairs grow so long and curly. In between visits I may (or may not) trim them with a pair of nail scissors and slick them down with my brow gel. The best part about it being clear is that I can wear it alone with no makeup (because a bare face and strong brows looks a little off in my opinion) or apply some on top of my filled in brows to ensure they stay in place.

Note: It does last a few hours and will not give your brows a stiff feel. I do wish the hold was a tiny bit stronger but for $5-6, I’m content.

While the list may be short it’s only  a reflection of how fast the month went by. What were some of your favorites from the month of March or overall? I’d love to get into some new things.


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