Pinterest Fail

Pinterest makes things look so easy. What they don’t tell you is that the original pinners are artists. They do this for a living and the images they post were probably the eighteenth trial of the same recipe. No one told me that before. I learned that on my own and here’s how.FullSizeRender-3

Since I’ve been on my healthy healthy, I’ve been researching low carb meals/foods in order to help drop my body fat percentage which will get those muscles poppin’. I was also craving pizza at the time. It was one of those weird mind things where you’re told to steer clear of something and you instantly crave it. Within days of being old by my trainer about lowering my carb intake, I craves pizza. BBQ sauce instead of marinara, chicken and bacon pizza. And breadsticks. Horrible, right? Well, because of this I wanted some new veggies to add to my mental recipe book and cauliflower was all over the internet and next to it was pizza. I was so excited to have the best of both worlds.

For reference, here’s a link to the recipe I followed to make the crust.

Now, to my first #fail. If you were paying attention to the recipe as well as the photo above, you’ll see that I added an extra egg. Why? I have no clue. It was a huge mistake and I’m not even sure how I overlooked that. I think it was because I was rushing to get to the gym and have something to eat when I got back. How ironic. By the time I realized this, it was too late. Adding the extra egg disabled the crust from baking into a crunchy, crispy crust. To be honest, I’m not even sure if that’s how it would have turned out with one egg but that’s what I imagined it to be like.

#Fail 1.5, I should have let the crust bake a bit longer before adding the toppings. It could have been great if I wasn’t so eager to complete it in time. When I noticed the crust was still soft after 25 minutes total in the oven, it already had toppings on it and I ended up burning my cheese trying to get the crust to crisp up.

Second #fail, which is really the first is the cauliflower itself. No one told me that my food processor wouldn’t be able to process a whole head of cauliflower. Yes, I broke it up into small florets and yes it all fit in the processor, but I didn’t think it would actually process. I was so through. After running the processor for a few minutes, the broken up cauliflower was compacted into the bottom and the whole florets were just chillin’ on top of the blades. I ended up having to dump the entire thing into a bowl, scrape out the stuck cauliflower then putting the unprocessed florets back into the processor. Bottomline is, there was cauliflower bits EVERYWHERE. It sticks to everything and even placed I didn’t come in contact with had cauliflower bits in it.

#Fail number 3, I had the very basic ingredients to make a cheese “pizza” but I didn’t have the bells and whistles the recipe called for. I think if I had all the fancy toppings the taste would have been at least a 7 as opposed to a strong 3.

Would I try the recipe again? Yes, but only one more time. If it comes out bad then I’m giving up and using my cauliflower for other things; like “rice”.

What did I end up doing the my Pinterest fail? Ate all the cheese.

Have you ever tried a recipe that went completely south? What was it? Let’s continue the conversation below and mourn our fails as one. Haha.

Thanks for reading!

EDIT: One of you lovely reader requested an “after” picture so here it is. It’s not a fancy picture and it was after the crust was done but before I melted the cheese. It didn’t look bad, it just didn’t taste as amazing as I would have hoped.



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