Impatience is a Virtue

“Wait.” “Hold on.” “Hurry up.” I’m sure I’m not the only one who has heard these and a few more throughout their lifetime. All suggesting that there was a time where we did not want to wait for something. But what if we’ve been onto something this entire time?

My dad is not a patient person. If he tells you he’ll be outside in five minutes, you need to be out there in four or else you are getting left behind. Similarly, there is no third strike with him. Twice is the maximum times you will be told something before he loses his patience so you’d better hope you get it by the one and a halfth time. It wasn’t always a bad thing and my dad is not a horrible person for it, but I believe that it was from him that inherited the character trait of being impatient.

It’s kind of strange when I think about it, really. I grow impatient after sizing up a situation. If I know that whatever I’m waiting for should be done in x amount of time, then I expect it to be done before that. Otherwise I’ll get impatient. It’s something I’ve been working on or trying to at least but recently I wondered, what if being impatience isn’t actually a flaw?

There have been several times when my impatience has forced me to get something done myself because someone else was taking “too long” to do so. Granted, it was probably something that I needed to be doing myself anyway, but because I had gotten to a point where I no longer felt like waiting, I took matters back into the hands they belonged in to begin with; mine. Now, before there’s uproar, yes, there are some things that you just have to be patient about. For instance, I am constantly reminding myself that “my time will come”. Going back a few posts, I expressed that sometimes comparing yourself to others is hard not to do when everyone seems to be having a blast. But my time will come and I am being patient about it.

For the most part, I think my hurried ways has benefitted me more than it has hurt me. What if I was super patient and constantly waited around for things to get done for me? Where would I be then? There are a lot of things that I’ve even learned because waiting on someone to do something I didn’t know how to took too long (learning how to grill is next on the list). Another example is the habit I have/had of not wanting to do things alone. My impatience is the “get up and go” I need to inspire me to act on something whether I’m by myself or not.

The moral here is to what works for you. I’m slowly (very slowly) learning to be a more optimistic person and trying to “see the good in everything”, as the Instagram memes would read. My impatience is one of those things that I was convinced was not a good trait to have until now. 

The next time you think something that makes you you is a negative thing, try to find the positive in it. How has that trait or habit actually helped you? There is at least one time, I promise. Share yours in the comments below. I’d love to learn about you. You might even help someone else realize their “flaw”.



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