Get Me Outta Here!

By nature, I’m not a very go-out-and-be-adventurous person but I wish I was. In my head, I’m tons of fun but that doesn’t really translate into real life. With that said, I’ve been trying to make the two mesh because YOLO, right?

I’m not “new” to Richmond but I am in the sense that because I never imagined that I would actually be staying here post graduation. I never really bothered to experience the city. I know that was a horrible way to go about it but what’s done is done. What I can say is that I have been making more of an effort and with the help of the awesome folks at PartyRVA, I was invited to try out one of Richmond’s new activities; Enigma Escape Room. Muhahahahaaa. Just kidding, it’s nothing scary.

IMG_7631 (1)

Escape rooms have been pretty popular in the last couple of years and are really fun to do. For those who don’t know what it is, you’re basically “locked” in a room with up to 7 others (depending on the size of the room) and you all have to work together to find and decipher clues that will lead you to “escaping”. Did I mention you only have 60 minutes to do so? You only have 60 minutes to do so.

The first time I tried one of these rooms, my team and I escaped with over 10 minutes remaining. I was feeling myself because I solved the last clue that lead us out. After that, I knew for sure I wanted to try this again. Unfortunately, I was home in NYC during that time and didn’t think I would find anything similar is Richmond. I’ve never been so happy to be wrong. I was so excited when I was selected to try Enigma Escape Room and I must admit I was a bit over confident. I was pretty sure that my team and I were gonna escape in no time (we didn’t). The team at Enigma Escape Room are super friendly and the story of how they got started is super interesting so be sure to ask.

IMG_7621 copy

Located in Henrico, Enigma Escape Rooms is the perfect thing to do on any day, really. With the way this weather has been playing out, it doubles as the perfect rainy day adventure. There’s a parking lot so you don’t have to worry about that and it’s not too far from the mall as well as tons of dining options, so you can legit make a day out of this activity. If this isn’t your cup of tea, that’s fine too, check out PartyRVA for a plethora of other activities which you can filter to what you are into so be sure to check them out here.

Have you ever tried Enigma Escape Room or something similar? I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments section below.


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