Snapback Game on Point

After making a trip home for over a month, I’ve not only fell into lesser than healthy habits, I’ve lost muscle and pretty sure put on some body fat. Now that I’m back, I’m ready to continue my fitness journey.Make a plan.

Nothing starts without a plan. Upon returning from visiting my family, the first thing I did was make a grocery list and went shopping for food. I cook several times a week (still  trying to master meal prep) so picking up my usual meats, fish, and healthy snacks are a must. Some things that make the list are unsalted peanuts, salmon, eggs, chicken breast, fresh veggies, and more. No trip to the grocery store is complete without the above stated. Once I grab the essentials, I’m off to planning out what I will eat for the upcoming week. I’m not hardcore at all about my “macros”, as a matter of fact, I don’t even know how the first thing about them, but I do try to get as much protein as I can into my daily diet because muscle is the goal! Haha.

Making a plan also applies to getting back to a gym schedule, if you had one. While I was away, I was working out 2-3 times a week with my awesome brother but nothing as intense as what I do at my gym. It was nice to have remained active and have a gym buddy, but once I got back I had to plan out how I was going to transition back into my regularly scheduled programming.

Curb those cravings.

I find that after eating a bit junky for some time, there is always that residual want for sugar and all things indulgent. What I do to combat those is by eating fruit. I find this to be a decent way to answer to those calling sugar craving but not feel so bad about it. Mangos are my absolute favorite but I also always reach for the berry family (straw-, rasp-, black-, and blue-). I rarely get salty craving so that’s not really a problem for me but if it is for you, try snacking on seaweed or peanuts.

Drink your water!

It’s strange how a simple change in environment can throw off how much water I would drink a day. Typically I finish 32-48 oz, which is probably not a lot to some but cut me some slack. Water isn’t the most delicious drink on the menu. Funny enough, I don’t drink much of anything else so if I only drink 32 oz of water a day, that’s all I drank for that day.


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