Next Best Thing

As a kid, summer vacation seemed to last forever. I got to visit family, go to amusement parks, and hang out with friends. It felt like I had enough time to do all of those things twice over and still have time to get my mind right for school being back in session. Fast forward to today, I notice everyday that we lose a minute of sunlight and the drastic temperature drop during the night and day. Summer, why you no last longer!?That said, I frantically tried to fit as much fun as I can into the last real days of summer to end it on a good note. Just in time, I was invited to a Plant Nite event here in Richmond, VA. Yup, you heard right, a Plant Nite. Many of you may be familiar with Paint Nite, which is when you gather around with friends or whoever, sip some wine (or not) and paint as the instructor walks you through it. Get it? Now imagine that but with plants instead; in this case, terrariums. I’ve been wanting to make one on my own but, honestly, I didn’t want to buy huge bags of moss and rocks and soil and sand and everything else that comes with building your own terrarium just to build one terrarium.

Plant Nite was hosted at the Boulevard Flower Garden. I never even knew this place existed and I wish I did because I tried my hand at gardening this summer and was completely lost. Anyway, Boulevard Flower Garden is HUGE and so beautiful. There’s a greenhouse inside where they grow most of the plants and herbs that they sell. There are goats, bunnies and pig named Bonnie in the back and so much more than you would expect from the outside looking in. I was pleasantly surprised and will definitely be returning to purchase some goodies. As if it couldn’t get any better, there’s a café on the premises where you can order yourself a chicken salad sandwich or a glass of wine. I mean, come on!

Heather, our host. Visit to book your next event.
A picture perfect facility.

Thanks to the good folk over at OccasionGenius, several other influencers, bloggers and myself gathered around over an hour and a half to build our terrariums. It was legit so much fun. Things got a little dirty but you are provided an apron and gloves in case you wore your Sunday’s best (I didn’t really need the gloves but I did need the apron). Succulents are so easy to care for, which makes me feel better about me potentially killing them. We were told to mist them about once a week and partial sun was all they needed. They’re used to being in cold weather due to the conditions of a desert so let’s see how I do. *Fingers crossed*. At the end of it all, we got to tour the premises, meet the animals out back, and peek into next season supply of mums and poinsettias. It was a Monday night well spent if I do say so myself.

Sydney of @chicstripes petting goats.

Since summer is ending and everyone will be looking for indoor fun, I would definitely recommend Plant Nite as a great way to have some fun and stay warm. Conveniently, Plant Nite will enter the Richmond market this fall but is already taking reservations. Follow them on Instagram and ‘Like’ their Facebook page to keep up with updates. I really hope you try it out. All the links you need are within this post. Simply click on the hyperlinks.

All of us and our awesome terrariums.

If you do end up trying, definitely post a picture and tag #thejanuaryissue so I can see your beautiful creation.


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