We’re All Connected?

A week or so ago, Starbucks released their holiday cup and commence the controversy. It’s been a weird time for America these last few months, so I can’t say that I’m surprised. Plus, people always find something to complain about regarding everything. Wasn’t there beef with last year’s cup as well?! Exactly.
This year, the Starbucks cup features a drawing done by artist Shogo Ots. The story behind the illustration is that Ota drew everyday people with one line. So essentially, if we were to unravel the entire illustration, what we’d be left with is one very long line. Sounds cool, right? I think so. Digging deeper, the reason Ota and Starbucks CEO, I assume, went with this concept was because they wanted people to understand that we are all connected. We are all connected. I mean, that’s not too far removed from the song “we are the world, we are the people, right?” Maybe I wasn’t paying attention to remember if there was any controversy surrounding that song, but Ota got a faint “awww” out of me when I read his reasoning behind the illustration.

Not everyone agrees. There was so much backlash within 24 hours of the cup’s debut. Some people even claimed Starbucks lost their patronage. Wow. And by wow I don’t mean, “wow, I’m so shocked.” I live in America, I know better than that. I mean wow in a “wow, you’re serious.” I guess those two are kind of the same thing but let’s pretend they aren’t connected for now. *insert rolls eyes emoji*.

Call me a sucka but I like the message behind the cup, assuming I have the right message. The cup does not signify that we are all relatives, blood related, evolutions of one another, no. We’re connected, that’s all. Even if that’s as simple as meaning we’re all signed onto the same Wi-Fi network. I mean, that does connect us technically.

This was a long introduction to saying that since moving back home to NYC, I spent at least 2 hours commuting DAILY. I see a lot of people and that’s not a bad thing. I enjoy it. Not always, but it’s interesting. Sometimes I see the same people and after the third or fourth time in a row, we’re train buddies in my head. That’s how we’re connected. If I don’t see that person one day, I wonder. If I leave as little as 5 minutes earlier or later than normal, an entire new group of people. I see people who remind me of other people. See that? Connection. It’s really that simple but people don’t want to get it. They’re so sensitive and wanting to be separated or different from others that they often miss the point. Ota didn’t say we all should kiss and make up, or hug or become best friends and pen pals, he simply suggested we are all connected. In one way or another. Get over yourselves.

Choose kindness.


One thought on “We’re All Connected?

  1. I though the controversy over a cup was absolutely ridiculous, because guess what we are ALL connected. We all live on this earth together and everything we do day to day affects and effects everything around us. And yes since I’ve moved away from “home” to far off Iowa I have seen someone everyday that reminds me of family of friends back in VA. Like you said we are connected one way or the other, even if we don’t recognize it.


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