Have I Found the One?

As you may know from previous posts, I am always on the hunt for the perfect conditioner. In one of my recent posts, which you can find here, I discussed some of the key things that I look for when I am in the hair aisle looking for a conditioner, whether it be a rinse out or deep conditioner. I’ve since found something that I think may stick around for a while and I cannot wait to share it with you.This rinse out conditioner is one I had zero knowledge of before I was approached to test and review. I’ve never seen it in stores and my YouTube crazed self has never heard anyone mention it before. That left me a little skeptical at first because, well, isn’t that how it always goes? But after doing some research on the brand, I really appreciated their natural and organic ingredients. I’m talking about Maple Holistics. They pride themselves on providing natural and holistic beauty products that are high quality, sulfate-free (for all my curly girls), safe on color, made in the USA products. Doesn’t that sound too good to be true? Because it was the beginning of October when Maple Holistics reached out, I decided to go with trying the Winter Blend Conditioner. It has a ton of different mint oils in the ingredients list like bergamot, eucalyptus, pepper- and spear- mints, and jojoba oil.


First test: Slip.

The first time I used this conditioner, I used it as a pre-poo. My hair was super dry and knotty and I wanted to tame it as much as possible before going in to shampoo. This conditioner worked very good in adding slip to my hair and helping melt the knots away. The conditioner as also thick in consistency and I love products with a little bit of weight because my hair is so dense and sometimes very thirsty. I was pleasantly surprised. I must admit, I’m a cynic after being let down by so many other conditioners, but this one was pretty darn close to perfect.

Second test: Moisture.

To be honest, this one is hard to judge because I add so much shea butter and castor oil to my hair post poo that I’m not sure how much the conditioner is actually contributing to the moisture of my hair. After rinsing it out, I can say that it did leave my hair feeling pretty soft and I liked the tingly, refreshing feeling on my scalp from all the mint ingredients.

Third test: Quantity.

While this bottle contains 8 oz. of goodness, it’s only 8 oz. That was the biggest downfall for me. I wash my hair every two weeks and I use at least 2-3 oz. per wash day. Not to mention pre-pooing. This bottle lasts a solid month and at $13.95 a bottle plus $2.50 shipping, I’m not sure I can commit to that every month. Especially considering my deep conditioner costs about $17, it’s a lot and I’m secretly cheap. If it were a 12 oz. bottle, I would be a lot more willing to purchase regularly.

Another sucky part is that I can’t find this product in store. I like my hair essentials to be easily accessible to me. It’s like “in case of emergency” type of thing. I may not always have a credit/debit card to purchase online or I may not always have 3-5 days to wait and get my conditioner. It’s my conditioner and I want it NOW! Feel me? On the bright side, you can purchase this on Amazon (everyone’s favorite, right?) as well as on their website.

With that said, I would definitely recommend this brand and product at least once. You can get some free samples of select products by following this link. I don’t get paid for you clicking and, to be clear, neither will you. It’s just an honest company trying to get people to try their products.

If you try it out, let me know what you think!


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