Honesty Policy: Keeping it Real With Your Girls

As you may know, the film Girls Trip came out a few weekends ago and it has made waves! I went to go see it with my sister and best friend and it was definitely a two thumbs up. If you’re into chick flicks, #blackgirlmagic, and laughs, it’s worth a watch.

Simply, the storyline is about four girl friends who have been best friends since their teenage years. After graduating college, naturally, life happened, and they found themselves going down their separate career paths and walks of life. Busy schedules kept them apart until one weekend, Essence Fest, becomes the perfect opportunity for them to come together, rekindle their friendship and hang out like old times.

While the movie was all laughs, it brought up some important points about what it means to have an honest friendship with your girls. Not so surprisingly, this sparked a conversation between my best friend and me. In the movie, one of the characters said something along the lines of, “there are some people that you see that you can’t hide from or not tell the truth to because they know you too well.” This is a statement that resonated with me (and apparently my bestie too) because we went on to discuss it the day after. Sometimes we avoid seeing certain people because they can see right through whatever facade that’s up.

There are times in life when you are afraid to face the truth, find it hard to be honest with yourself and/or those around you, or trust that those who’ve been there for you won’t judge you. I am guilty of doing the opposite of everything I just mentioned at least once. There have been times when I would tell myself one thing knowing damn well that was not the truth. I’m even guilty of avoiding situations and conversations because I was concerned about what someone else would think of me.

Seeing Girls Trip allowed my friend and me to bring up and discuss some things that have been simmering in the background of our friendship. Some of which weren’t addressed because we were afraid to share the truth, afraid to be judged or whatever the case may be. In the end, we realized that we were both concerned about the same things (e.g. being judged) and that got in the way of us being completely open and honest with one another. It gave us the opportunity to straighten things out, big or small, and confirm how we felt about one another and how valuable our friendship is.

Life has a way of getting in the way of things. It’s our responsibility to speak up and make sure the air is clear between us and the people that we love. I take my friendships very seriously, as everyone should, and it is very important in any friendship or relationship that there are checkpoints to make sure things are sorted out before moving forward.

People change daily as they grow through situations. The ones who have been there since day one are not to be taken for granted. When was the last time you spoke to a good-good friend of yours? Is there something you wish you can tell him/her but you haven’t? Go see Girls Trip and use it as a segue to open up the floor for discussion. You won’t regret it.


4 thoughts on “Honesty Policy: Keeping it Real With Your Girls

  1. I can’t way to see Girls Trip. I used to keep a lot of stuff from my friends to avoid their judgment but I have learned that your friends are your friends for a reason. I have become a lot closer to my friends and made new friends by being more open and accepting that my friends may have different opinions and we may disagree but in the end, we truly care about each other and that’s what matters most.


  2. All of the above is actual and factual.
    “Girls Trip” was super good and it makes for deep conversations– if you let it.
    And if you can’t be honest with your girls….are they really even your girls? It’s so important to have real friendships. #IGotMine #Grateful ❤️


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