Handle Distractions Like a Boss

Even if left alone, I will find a way to distract myself. Especially if it’s something I prefer not to be doing.When it comes to things like chores and work, I am notorious for finding a distraction. Be that myself, TV, or the birds flying by—I become so easily distracted when I am not interested.

Let me share with you my top distractions and how I get myself to focus in and get the task at hand done.

Myself Above any and everything else, I am my #1 distraction when it comes to getting things done. I often have to tell myself it’s time to buckle down and get serious about the task at hand. I seriously have to give myself pep talks. One thing that really helps is making sure I am comfortable in the environment I’m in and reduce the external distractions. I make sure I have pen, paper, water, a snack, music or ambient noise playing in the background, my clothes are comfy and so is my chair. It sounds like a lot but once I’m there, there’s no breaking my focus.

I also allow myself time to be distracted. Every once in a while I’ll stare off into space for a few minutes because you need that break—you’re aren’t a machine. Once those few minutes are over, it’s time to buckle down again.

Social Media This is such a tough distraction to combat because sometimes you need a little social media for inspiration. I usually use it as an excuse to distract me from what I’m doing. What I like to do is get all my scrolls out the way before I get serious. This way there isn’t an urge to pick my phone up. I refresh Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook and once I scroll for about 15 minutes, I tell myself to get to work. It also helps to put your phone on do not disturb. I love doing this because I have my phone set to not ring or ding once my setting is on. This way, I won’t feel the need to pick it up… as often.

My family I love them to pieces but I live at home and it can be hard to focus when there’s so much entertainment happening around you. This is where the headphones come in. I have a pair of Beats that I like to use when I’m really trying to get work done without being bothered. It helps a bit because it blocks out the other conversations and arguments (mostly by my niece and nephew) that may be happening in the background. The upside is that I can sit somewhere like the living room table and get work done because I can’t hear them. This allows me to be in the mix but not really, which is a good balance for me because, well, I like to distract myself and they’re right there when I need to do that.


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