(Very) Last-Minute Gift Ideas

So you waited a little while to go Christmas shopping and you’re realizing that you’ve only got about 2 weeks until Christmas day. I got you. Technically, two weeks isn’t that last minute, but in the grand scheme of things—cause you knew Christmas was coming again since last Christmas—it is. Here is a list of quick gifts that are thoughtful, useful, and will get you the brownie points you deserve.  Gift Card A gift card to someone’s favorite restaurant is always an easy route out. Stick this in a cute card with a thoughtful note and you’ll be a winner, for sure. If the person is open to new things, maybe a gift card to your favorite restaurant is an option. That’s a good way to expose people to new things.

Book You can’t go wrong with a good book. It’s a little nerdy, but I would absolutely love to receive a book as a gift. It’s very thoughtful and something I will probably keep for a while. Ass a little note to go with it and you’re set.

Scarf My neck is warm, therefore I am warm. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is always appreciative of a cozy, warm, and fashionable scarf.

Mug Super overrated, super cheesy, but very useful.  A mug is even something you can repurpose into a pen holder or something even cuter! Monogrammed mugs are also all the rave and I just think [almost] anything with my initial on it is fun to have.

Quality time I LOVE spending time with people who are close to me, both family, friends and other. This is something that is invaluable (depending on the company). Ask the person you want to gift something if they would rather just spend some time with you one day. Good conversation, good snacks/food make good company super fun to have. Hell, make it a party if you want or keep it one-on-one; the choice is yours.

What are some gifts you’d love to receive during the holiday season?


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