Random Acts of Inspiration

I am always complaining that I don’t know where to find inspiration. Always, I’m told that’s it’s everywhere. “But I’m not everywhere, so what now?!” Would be my response. What I’ve come to realized is that random little sparks of inspiration strike at any moment. Then there are bigger bouts of inspiration that come in waves. Regardless of the size of the spark, it is your own responsibility to take that moment and stretch it as far as you can take it.

Staying inspired is something that I struggle with. It’s no ones fault but mine. But those little glimpses of inspiration that I come across do motivate me to skip ahead a little, instead of moving at my normal slow stroll.

Recently I was hit with a little spark of motivation and inspiration that I hope continues to push me as an individual and a professional. It’s not everyday that you are able to sit at a table with your manager and the Senior Vice President on your team. Not even sure how it happened either, but it was very interesting to sit in between them and hear about their 30+ years in the industry combined. It really put things in perspective for me as a newbie in advertising.

Between the personal stories and the professional ones, I learned so much about what it means to not only be good at your job, but efficient, flexible, versatile, and most importantly, KIND. They aren’t lying when they tell you that if you put good into the universe, good is what you’ll get back. (Though, I swear it does have a liiiiiitle to do with the fact that some people just have that vibe about them).

What I noticed from sitting at the table was that I get inspired by the success of others. Not very uncommon, I’m sure. Learning about what got them into the position they are in or how they overcame a certain thing or situation makes me feel like it’s possible for me to do it too.

So what am I going to do with the little spark of inspo? I really want to put continue to push myself to be better. A better me overall and subsequently better at every other title I hold. Ill start by identifying areas in my life (probably all of them, really) where I can improve and set goals to do so. Mainly in my career. (A future post, maybe?) I think I’m in the perfect industry to earn a little clout and really be successful, both as a professional and in the relationships I build along the way. I am consistently the person who does just enough to get by and truly feel like the time to change that is now. I need to get involved in more things and as I was told, I need to just “do me”. There’s a demographic for me and I will find it and capitalize on it.

And speaking of “doing me”, I cannot fail to mention the Shameless, Maya Washington. She truly inspires me and if you don’t know who she is, you should definitely look her up.

What are some goals you’re setting for yourself to be better?


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