6 *EASY* Tips to Help Grow Your Hair

I have never experimented so much with my hair as I did in 2017. Funny thing is, I only tried about 4 different style (with added hair) but I was consistently protective styling my own hair throughout the year. Here are a few tips that I think are important to know no matter how long you want to grow your hair.Moisture This is #1 on any natural’s list, and for good reason. My hair is so brittle when it’s dry and breaks off very easily. Keeping my hair nice and moisturized allowed me to retain elasticity. Elasticity is what helps your hair bounce back when manipulating, kind of like a rubber band.

Trim, trim, trim Dead ends will stunt your growth badly. I am a victim of not getting enough trims but that’s because I have always been so protective over my length. No bueno! Trimming your ends gives new life to your hair and allows it to grow without interruption.

Low manipulation Avoid touching and combing and pulling on your hair. The less hair that falls out, the more you get to keep on your head.

Treatments Whether it’s a protein treatment, masque, hot oil, or tea, treatments give your hair that boost of what it needs to keep thriving. I deep condition every other week (when my hair is not in a protective style) and I started using green tea rinses once a month to help with breakage. It works so well. Search Naptural85 or FusionofCultures on YouTube for great recipes.

Don’t neglect your scalp I n e v e r  used to care about my scalp. I would wash my hair, coat my strands and trim my ends but neglect my scalp. My scalp would get so flaky and dry and I always just thought it was because it was dirty. That’s not always the case. Now I make sure to massage my scalp to promote circulation and growth, I moisturize my scalp with an oil mixture which can be found here and I use a scalp brush on wash days to ensure I am removing all product build up.

Nutrition Drinking water and making sure you are eating well does make a difference in you hair. I take daily vitamins, topped off with a chewy biotin supplement (I want to try the liquid biotin), drink as much water as I can take, and make my meals are as nutritious as possible. I’m definitely not the best eater, but I do make a conscious decision with every meal.

I was/am on a mission to grow my hair to bra-strap length. I will admit that while these tips came in handy, this year was a learning process and while I am not yet at bra-strap length, next year will be better. What are some tips that have helped you maintain your hair health?

One thought on “6 *EASY* Tips to Help Grow Your Hair

  1. I definitely have the most trouble with my water intake but something I found helpful with my hair growth is detangling. When I detangle before a wash, I notice less shedding in the shower.


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