Habits We Need to Break

If we ever want to reach our full potential, there has to be some things we are willing to change. As I learn and grow, I am realizing that some of the habits that I have built over the years are the same habits that are holding me back from the me I envision in my mind. Here they are. And use this as a reminder to not let them stop you.Stop procrastinating I am no longer happy to say that I am a pretty lazy person. I have noticed time and time again how this horrible habit has gotten in the way of my success or even something as simple as trying a new thing. If something required too much effort, I would immediately put it on the back burner and talk myself out of it, when really it was just me being lazy.

Now that I am trying to break that habit, I started off with the small things. Putting the laundry away as soon as it was done or not putting off something I need to do, like wash my hair (that’s a big one). Once you get into the habit of doing things immediately when they need to be done, the momentum will take over and, hopefully, you’ll apply that same logic to the bigger tasks.

Getting out of your head Another habit I have is talking myself out of things that I really want to do. I will list 100 reasons why I shouldn’t do this one thing until I believe it. That’s so horrible. I’ve seen many quotes that say things like “your success starts in your mind” or “you body hear what your mind is telling it, so peak positively” and that is absolutely true. Start speaking positivity and affrim that you can do something and you will!

Holding on to fear This is one thing that I haven’t started working on but I need to. I said out loud once (and that’s the first step to recovery, right?) that I often steer clear of things that I think I will fail at. This doesn’t mean that I haven’t failed ant anything, because I most certainly have, but when I went into those things, I didn’t think I would. I was confident that I would succeed. Not attempting things that you are afraid to fail at is a horrible mentality to have. People don’t learn from constant success. A lot of things I know today are because of the Ls that I’ve taken.

As this year ends and another approaches, I hope to look back at this post and say with confidence that I don’t do any of these things anymore, and I hope you’re able to do the same. I truly think that fear, procrastination and talking down on ourselves are the three buckets that collect our successes. Let’s make an conscious choice to change that, starting now!

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