Make Time for You

The holiday season is a lot of thinking about and spending time with others, but don’t forget yourself in the midst of the shuffle. Take a break. Whenever you feel overwhelmed or overloaded, take a moment to take a breather, a break, a nap; whatever you need to make you feel better. It’s important to know when you’ve reached your limits and when you need to take a step back to recharge. You’ll thank you later.

Incorporate yourself into the “needs”. People make fun of others that go shopping and end up with presents for themselves. Don’t laugh! Lol. It’s important to keep yourself in mind when you are shopping around for things to make others happy. You deserve it too!

Pamper yourself. Sounds selfish, but you can’t pour from an empty cup. Take a moment at the end or beginning of your day to make sure your mind is right for what’s ahead. This way, you enter or end everyday in the right mindset and can put your bestest self forward.

What are some of your favorite self care tips?

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